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Presentations and Speaking Engagements


National Museam of the
American Indian (Morning)

National Museam of the
American Indian (Afternoon)


International Indigenous Research Conference, New Zealand. November 15-18, 2016

Keynote: This keynote will address and explore Creative Indigenous Innovation. Donna will draw upon the work of youth with whom she worked in Guatemala to share their practices, insights, and visions on defining and leveraging documentary film to reconnect with, revive, and revitalize their cultural knolwedge, traditions, and languages in their own vison.


Bunker Hill Community College, Boston, MA. Sepbember 27, 2016

Speaker: Headlined at Bunker Community College were the words: Fresh from the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian, educator and filmmaker Donna DeGennaro, Ph.D. presented ¡Inspirate!, Unlocking Silent Histories, on September 27 at the Chelsea Campus. She discussed her work with youth in Guatemala and how the films she creates cross generations, preserve traditions and amplify Hispanic voices.


University of NC at Pembroke, Pembroke, NC. September 20, 2016

Presenter: Unlocking Silent Histories presents their work, process, and perspective in the opening event of the 2016-2017 Native American Speakers Series at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke.


Smithsonian Institution National Museum of the American Indian September 2016

Presenter (organizing assistant): Donna’s university writes: Dr. DeGennaro, a professor in the Watson College of Education, presented at the Smithsonian in September as part of the Hispanic Heritage Month. The event highlighted the work produced by youth participating in Unlocking Silent Histories, the nonprofit DeGennaro founded in 2013. USH creates opportunities for indigenous youth to critically analyze how they are represented in the media and to creatively express their worlds from their perspectives through documentary films. USH also contributes to the promotion of cultural understanding by connecting youth across generational and geographical boundaries.


Black Hills Unity Concert, South Dakota September 2015

Donna and fellow board member Jennifer Baker, shared the vision and foundations of USH at The Black Hills Unity Concert. This concert is a gathering of members of the Pte Oyate (Buffalo Nation, also called the Great Sioux Nation), artists, performers and concerned global citizens committed to educating and raising support for the Black Hills Initiative. Its organizers and participants believe that the only way for the United States of America to be truly great is to honor its word. Honor the treaties. Join us in healing the Heart of a Nation by restoring the guardianship of the Black Hills to the Great Sioux Nation.


Austin Film Society June 2014

The Austin Film Society writes: We are proud to present a showcase of short films from a very special organization called Unlocking Silent Histories. U.S.H. is a non-profit organization dedicated to working with indigenous youth throughout the world and helping them create documentaries about their lives and histories. Each of the young people involved in the project select a theme that they care about and then write, film, edit and produce their stories. Graduates from the program gain opportunities to teach within their own and neighboring communities. Please join us Sunday June 1 from 4 - 6 PM as we present a screening and educational program focusing on the critical and creative expression learned through the Unlocking Silent Histories workshops in Guatemala. This will be a cultural event that includes an introduction to Maya textiles, food, and music..